4 Ways You May Be Causing Your Own Overwhelm and What to Do About It

It's tempting to blame feeling overwhelmed on your workload
and people who seem to take advantage of your time and energy
or even on the fallout from the pandemic.

Have you noticed how some people are able to get tons done 
and never seem to be overwhelmed or stressed out?

You can bet they're taking responsibility for their work/life balance
and not allowing others to compromise their values and priorities.

Here's 4 ways you may be causing your own overwhelm:

  1. You're not setting boundaries.
    Don't feel guilty for making yourself a priority! You are your greatest resource;
    treat your time and energy with respect! The only way others can waste your time and energy
    is if you allow them.
  2. You're not aware of your priorities.
    Take time to figure out what you truly value. That makes it easier for you to prioritize.
    You'll have better work/life balance and be more confident enforcing those boundaries.
  3. You don't recognize your worth.
    People can and will take advantage of you if you don't recognize how valuable you are.
    Communicate your worth by speaking and behaving with confidence about your abilities.
    No more self-effacing talk or trying to help others before your own work is done.
  4. You don't have a vision for success.
    Decide what you want to achieve long-term.  When you know where you want to go,
    it's much easier to find a direct path to get there. Not having a vision
    leaves you open to distractions of little importance.

YOU are your most important resource. Treat yourself accordingly, and you will be teaching others
how to treat you as well. Be kind to yourself and your brain by stopping overwhelm and giving yourself
the attention and time you deserve to process life right now. You can't control most of what is going on in the world,
but you CAN manage your time and energy.

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