How the Arts Take DEI to the Next Level

This past weekend, I attended a statewide arts conference. Like most creatives, I spent the majority of the past two years in professional isolation, trying to make the best of the situation but ultimately falling short because the arts are…


Can Burning Bridges Be a Good Thing?

The music community is small. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows you. Character is everything; that includes making sure you don't burn bridges (leave employment on poor terms). Or does it?

I tend to be a people pleaser…


When Tension Gets Out of Control - 3 Ways to DeStress

When personalities collide or the latest disaster hits the news-cycle, 
the physical tension can be almost unbearable. 

All the self care in the world can't seem to stop the emotional response of some trauma.  It doesn't mean you're not taking…


Self-Care: Four Ways in Which Mindset Matters

Being an overachiever was my M.O. in my early adult years.  Graves disease and back problems forced me to prioritize self-care in my thirties, but it wasn't easy.  I was devastated that I wasn't able to work full-time and do…


Recovering from the Great Resignation - What Your Team Needs

I'm constantly having conversations with professionals as an aspect of my coaching business, and what I'm hearing over and over again from people in their fifties, sixties, and even forties is that they are just wanting to retire.  Some are…


Ubuntu and Inspirational Leadership

I use the African word ubuntu to help my clients who have trouble asking for help 
to realize that they've already received an endless amount of support already
and that their journey to success is not theirs alone, but a…


Four Ways to Help a Stressed-Out Team Focus

Friends and clients are confiding in me that it's incredibly challenging to focus right now.  That should be no surprise to leaders everywhere as we've maneuvered two years of "unprecedented" times with the pandemic and its workplace, political, and societal…


Four Things to Say to Potential Collaborators

A music colleague recently asked me what to say to collaborators so that they don't feel pressured to agree with her or join her project.  This resonated with me because I'm the type of person who gets things done and…


Stressed By Trying To Eat Healthy - Three Easy But Powerful Tips

Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed trying to eat healthy? Does even seeing those two words “eating healthy” cause your stress levels to increase or send you into panic mode? 

As a board certified health and wellness coach, I’m often…