FOMO and Burnout

Mindsets that Contribute to Burnout, part 3

Overworking is clearly a contributor to burnout culture, but why we overwork is complex and personal.
For some, the fear of missing out (FOMO) allows others to take advantage of them in the workplace.

For instance, I had a client who wouldn't say no to her boss,
no matter the banality of the task
or the amount of work she already had to do.

She wanted to be the one her boss thought of first,
so that when a great assignment came up,
one that would further her career,
she'd get the offer before anyone else.

That great assignment had never come up, however;
and my client was left perpetually overworked and burnt out.

FOMO in the workplace can be perceived by others
as you needing to please or not knowing your worth,
which in turn sends the message that you don't value yourself.

Not realizing your own value
invites others to take advantage of you.

Realizing your value and acknowledging your worth
are the first steps to overcoming FOMO.

The universe has a way of holding back the things you think you need
until you realize the things you already have.


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