How to Manage the Emotions of Overwhelm

The physical symptoms of overwhelm are bad enough.
You may be not able to sleep through the night and have an increased heart rate or fatigue,
to name a few.

But how are you managing emotionally?

Are you feeling anxious or irritable?
Do you feel resentment growing?

The pandemic and the Great Resignation are taking a toll on the workforce.
You're most likely having to do more with less,
as is everyone around you.

Here are some ways to manage those emotions until you can make real change:

  1. Do nothing.
    This may seem impossible, but even the smallest moment you can take
    to sit and do nothing will help ground you, which in turn helps level out your emotional state.
  2. Breathe.
    Slow breathing will bring down your pulse rate and help to manage anxiety.
  3. Exercise.
    Even a short walk will help your piece of mind and lessen overwhelm.  Don't think you have time?
    You really don't have time NOT to.  You'll be more productive if you do.
  4. Get outside.
    If you can't get out into nature, at least get some fresh air.  Humans need this.  You need this.
  5. Get some sleep.
    Getting a full night's sleep helps to regulate hormones, as does eating healthy.  Keeping your hormones regulated helps to regulate your emotional state.

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Dr. Nancy Williams is a Music Educator and Leadership & Life Coach who takes her students and clients from feeling overwhelmed to "ready to fly" with her step-by-step, hand-holding method to empowerment and joy.