Mindsets that Perpetuate Burnout Culture, Part 1

Work Identity Mindset

Work identity mindset is present when you value your work identity over all else.

Work always comes first,
and your work identity is the main way
in which you see your value to the world.

When too much of your identity is dependent on your success at work, 
you are setting yourself (and your team) up for burnout.

Your unhealthy drive for your own success can mean

  • working longer hours
  • denying yourself breaks
  • constantly thinking about work, even when you are not working.
  • increased stress levels
  • burnout and other mental health issues
  • problems at home


Ultimately, what you expect of yourself,
you expect of others.

A work identity mindset can effect your leadership by...

  • having unrealistic expectations of others
  • fostering burnout
  • denying your team the downtime they need
  • increasing attrition rates
  • losing your best employees
  • creating low morale
  • lowering productivity
  • crippling innovation and creativity

A balanced work/life mindset values your identity as a person  
and takes into account all of the relationships in your life, 
including your relationship with yourself 
and your team.

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