Why Bother to Reinvent Yourself?

If you could change one thing about your lifestyle or work,
what would it be?

More than ever, people have reinvented themselves during the pandemic, 
sometimes in small ways, other times in momentous ones.

Breaking old habits and forging a new path can be incredibly challenging.

Why do people bother? 

At the beginning of the pandemic, I pivoted from being a music educator 
to creating a career as a leadership and life coach.

For me, the benefits have far outweighed the fears and challenges.

What are the benefits of reinventing yourself?

  • better alignment of values throughout your work and home life
  • the excitement of new and different potential outcomes
  • getting unstuck
  • more freedom of choice
  • overcoming limiting beliefs
  • increased self-awareness
  • recognizing your worth
  • being able to graciously assert your worth to others
  • an increase in happiness and positivity
  • feeling less overwhelmed

A mid-life crisis or a pandemic isn't a prerequisite to creating a new life or career.

Realizing that there may be better ways of doing things that will make you happier is the first step.
You don't even need to make singular life-altering choices.

Reinventing yourself simply means getting in touch with what you really want
and making that happen step by step and day by day.

Dr. Nancy Williams is a musician and leadership & life coach who helps leaders create cultures of joy and empowerment.  You can sign up for weekly inspirational emails here.

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