Guilt-free Firing

“Firing that person was the best thing I did for our office culture.” 

“I’ve had people I’ve had to let go come back and thank me.” 

These are some of the things I’ve heard from managers. 

Have you ever known…


4 Tips to Get Better Customer Service

You’ve been charged the wrong amount. 
You didn’t receive the product or it’s damaged. 
Your payment didn’t go through or wasn’t recorded. 
You didn’t receive the right kind or amount of product. 
The product/service wasn’t what you thought it would…


How to Lead an Established Team

My clients who already work in great teams get nervous when new leadership is being hired. 

It’s not because they’re afraid of change. 
It’s not because they’re inflexible. 
It’s not because they’re worried if they will be liked. 

They are

4 Leadership Characteristics that Redefine Strength

How do you define strong leadership? 

These 4 characteristics may redefine what you may traditionally think of as strengths. 

So often we connect strength to physical capabilities, like muscles and power. 
These can predispose us to correlating strength in leadership…


4 Areas in which to Set Boundaries

Now more than ever, when overwhelm and mental exhaustion are commonplace, we need to get better at setting boundaries. 

But where and how? 

Here are four areas that often need boundaries or boundary-improvement. Doing so will increase your authority and…


Speaking and Listening - Know Your Responsibilities

With tempers running short due to current societal conditions including the pandemic, reduced hours and pay, and long-term remote working, poor communication is inevitable.  When one person gets frustrated, emotions can take over.  Emotions trump brainpower every time.  That’s when…


5 Strategies to Effectively Communicate Instructions Through Email

Businesses often accentuate succinctness in communications.  This is understandable.  No one wants to read a rambling message with unnecessary content.  However, efforts to appeal to today’s short attention spans and incorporate time-saving strategies often have the side effect of leaving…


5 Dos and Don'ts for Leadership during Difficult Times

Some leadership strategies are particularly important during extreme hardship. The following 5 dos and don’ts apply to leadership in general, but they are especially important right now.  Soft skills can be harder than anticipated when you yourself are struggling, and…


3 Strategies to Consider before Implementing Dress Codes

I just read an article about how businesses considering mandating dress codes for remote workers, and my head almost exploded.  Here’s why… 

Studies are showing that remote workers who are dressing down for work are showing dramatic decreases in productivity…


Divisive Politics and Workplace Culture

I posted a baby goat video on my personal FB page. 

An acquaintance who is on the opposite end of the political spectrum commented, "We agree on very little. We agree on this." 

This seemingly innocent comment made me realize…


Leading in Uncertain Times

Are you or your team experiencing all-time high levels of anxiety and stress? 

I wouldn’t be surprised.  These are unprecedented times.  

An uncertain future is a breeding ground for anxiety.  Even a well-planned vision may not be enough to quench…