The One Thing Americans Get Wrong about Gratitude

Thanksgiving can run the gamut from wonderful to significantly less so, depending on your circumstances.

We can easily feel victimized by the circumstances the last few years have dealt us. 
Depression has skyrocketed. 
Languishing is a term that we've come…


4 Reasons to Practice Forgiveness

One of my classes in grad school consisted almost entirely of Midwesterners, much to the professor's delight.  He looked forward to our good-natured and polite demeanors topped off with a hearty work ethic.  

One day before class, my colleagues and…


5 Things I Learned about Self-publishing

Yesterday I launched my method book Woodwind Improvisatory Techniques of the Classical Era.

The journey was anything but straight and smooth, 
but what I learned along the way has been priceless.

I started this project 5 years ago,
and it…


How Writing the Story of Yourself Leads to Success

The story you tell yourself may be the most accurate indicator of success.

I used to think there was only one truth,
when what I really thought was true was my perspective.

Your perspective is the story you believe to…


Why Bother to Reinvent Yourself?

If you could change one thing about your lifestyle or work,
what would it be?

More than ever, people have reinvented themselves during the pandemic, 
sometimes in small ways, other times in momentous ones.

Breaking old habits and forging a


Creativity as a Pandemic Panacea

As a musician, I've learned that making time and space for my creativity to flow is a wonderful gift to myself.  The pandemic made me realize how powerful the act of creating can be.  When I was in the middle…

6 Reasons to Practice Gratitude

Photo by Nathan Dumlao at Unsplash

As I'm winding down the writing/editing/publishing work of my upcoming book,
my emotions are all over the place.

Some of this "feeling all the feels" comes from pushing myself to make deadlines,
but some…


5 Ways a Performing Artist Mindset Helps with Networking

Networking in person is a thrill when compared to the virtual options popular during the pandemic.

However, I've found my networking skills to be a bit rusty recently.

Have you found yourself...

  • talking too much about yourself?
  • feeling awkward?
  • not…

8 Ways to Get Your Ideas Heard

Has the following scenario happened to you?

     My suggestion was great, but everyone continued as if I hadn't said anything.

     Worse yet, one of my colleagues brought up the same suggestion a few minutes later,
     and everyone loved it.



Inspiration is Overrated - 3 Ways to Just Get It Done

It's great when you can get in the flow and work gets done easily and quickly.

What about those days when your flow isn't flowing, no matter what you do?
Do you wait for inspiration to hit
or do you…