3 Ways to Recover from Burnout that No One's Talking About

Are you perpetually overwhelmed?
Is it challenging to get anything done?
Is doing nothing what you want to do most?

Burnout culture dictates that overwork is a badge of courage, but giving 110% isn't noble or even possible.


Leading during Personal Crisis

When I was diagnosed with Grave's disease almost 20 years ago,
the cure was simple:  ablate (kill with radioactive iodine) the thyroid slowly
and replace the hormones it would normally produce with a synthetic hormone pill.

Only it wasn't that…


Overwhelm Mindsets and Burnout

In addition to mindsets that perpetuate burnout already covered in previous blogposts,
mindsets that create overwhelm can also play a part.

Helpers, creatives, and anyone who has trouble creating and enforcing boundaries
are all at risk for overwhelm, and potentially


Proving-yourself Mindset and Burnout

Young adults entering the workforce are often romanticized as having something to prove,
to show others how hard they can work to win others' approval and move up the workforce ladder.

In reality, the mindset of having to prove yourself…


Work-harder Mindset and Burnout

Part 4 in the Mindsets that Perpetuate Burnout blog series

You should be proud of a healthy work ethic, an enjoyment and fulfillment of purpose when you work,
and allow yourself to take joy in your accomplishments. 

A work-harder mindset


FOMO and Burnout

Mindsets that Contribute to Burnout, part 3

Overworking is clearly a contributor to burnout culture, but why we overwork is complex and personal.
For some, the fear of missing out (FOMO) allows others to take advantage of them in the…


Perfectionist Mindset and Burnout

Mindsets that Perpetuate Burnout, Part 2

Perfectionism plays a significant part in burnout culture.
They both can be seen as badges of honor
in a work-harder world.

It's no secret that perfectionism is respected at some level.

How often to…


Mindsets that Perpetuate Burnout Culture, Part 1

Work Identity Mindset

Work identity mindset is present when you value your work identity over all else.

Work always comes first,
and your work identity is the main way
in which you see your value to the world.

When too…


4 Ways to Respond to Burnout

Leadership must continue to make burnout prevention and mitigation a priority.
It is not employees’ responsibility alone to protect themselves.
The long-term effects of burnout culture hurt them, the business, and the economy
in lost productivity and innovation more than…


A Cure for Anxiety?

Are you experiencing anxiety?

You are not alone.

Anxiety is plaguing the workplace and perhaps the world right now. 
The pandemic introduced so many unknowns that it’s hard to stay present. 
Since anxiety comes from focusing on the future and…


4 Steps to Manage Professional Disappointment

Disappointment comes in many forms, and anyone who has attempted to achieve something has experienced it. 
When that disappointment is a big one, when it’s something you had your heart set on and had convinced yourself
of its necessity to…


3 Types of Confidence that Contribute to Success

The lack of confidence seems to be at epidemic proportions lately. 

I talk to people daily who struggle with imposter syndrome or 
who don’t feel deserving enough for their dream life or career. 

We see a lot of supposed confidence…