Nancy Williams is an amazing individual to work with. Not only does she put herself into her work 110% but she does it with such grace and joy. She makes anything an enjoyable experience, whether it's rehearsal, a lesson, a coaching, or an excerpts class. I have personally learned how to improve my own playing from her natural ability to teach even in casual situations. She has amazing attention to detail and is always looking to learn while teaching others.”

— Shelby Severance


My book "Woodwind Improvisatory Techniques of the Classical Era: A Pedagogy Method" was published in November of 2021 and helps teachers, students, and performers learn how to incorporate cadenzas, Eingange, and melodic elaborations into their Classical solos.

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Clinician, Lecturer, Adjudicator

Recent lecture topics include classical improvisation and women composers in addition to clarinet performance and pedagogy topics, masterclasses, and lecture recitals.

I also speak on  success topics such as overcoming confidence and imposter syndrome and  developing organizational strategies.

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Composer , Arranger, and Conductor

Original Compositions and Clarinet Choir Arrangements

I'd been arranging for clarinet choirs for years before being commissioned to write an original band piece in 2017. I've since composed for gamelan ensemble, clarinet duet, voice, reed quintet, and a reed trio.  

Sheet music is available for digital download here, with select selections at JW Pepper and CamCo Music.

Performance Artist and Teacher

Clarinet and Woodwinds

Having performed classical clarinet throughout the US, Europe, and Australia, I've also played jazz tenor with The Four Tops and The Temptations.  Romani jazz and dixieland clarinet are my current favorites.

I love performing and teaching diverse styles of music! 

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Coach for Musicians

High Performance Success

Clients learn how to define success, have better work/life balance, and increase productivity and creativity.

I specialize in coaching musicians with imposter syndrome, self-esteem, and confidence issues.