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Are you tired of imposter syndrome, negative self-talk, and insecurity getting in the way of your success?

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I’m Dr. Nancy Williams, and over the past twenty years, I’ve coached hundreds of young elite musicians and led an internationally-recognized community ensemble. I know how to coach people to success! I’ll help you create a culture of JOY and EMPOWERMENT that increases productivity and lets you shine again!

Working with Nancy has been incredible! I tried just working through feelings of inadequacy and perfectionism, but they would always show up again, getting stronger each time. I read a number of self-help books hoping to find the idea that would stick, but none of them inspired real change in my life. I was holding myself back with notion that I wasn't enough or didn't know enough, like if I reached out and wasn't prepared that it would ruin my career. I would absolutely recommend Nancy's coaching to others. I have learned a lot of things about myself and how to move through the world that I just wouldn't have learned elsewhere. It's one thing to read a self-help book but a totally different thing to have to discuss these introspective ideas with another person and be held accountable for making real change in your life.” - Steve Dinda, Professional Musician

I am ready to fly!

I now feel brighter, lighter and happier!

I could not put a price on Dr. Williams program!

This has truly been invaluable!


I was STUCK! 


Dr. Williams’s tools, strategies and counsel helped me to get reacquainted with myself and to separate my value as a person from the job I was doing.  I now have a very clear vision of who I want to be professionally. Not only do I have the steps to get there, but I am on the path. I am ready to fly!


I now feel brighter, lighter and happier!


I can’t express how valuable these tools are to honoring your gifts and hugely advancing your career.


Tessa Davis

Program Director,

    Just Like My Child Foundation

International Development Professional



I developed my high performance leadership training model, Leadership G.I.V.E.S. Empowerment, by analyzing how I've created cultures of excellence over my twenty+ years in leadership roles.

This proven method empowers you to evolve your mindset and habits and transform your relationship with yourself and others.

Fast-track your success by learning from my experience and benefiting from my unique perspective and personalized support!


Leadership G.I.V.E.S. Empowerment Method


  • Become aware of your natural leadership abilities as well as areas that need more attention.  
  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate. 
  • Develop the character and confidence necessary to lead yourself and others in an inclusive way.



  • Discover how to foster an atmosphere in which creativity and problem-solving thrive. 
  • Separate the ego from achievement and build a trusting environment. 
  • Embrace different perspectives and feedback in a way that sparks inspiration.



  • Envision the environment needed to create a culture of success and learn the mindset, strategies, and tools to implement it. 
  • Learn how to attract what you need, when you need it, to make your vision a reality.
  • Create a driving singular vision for your team or family that levels up purpose and engagement.



  • Cultivate empowerment for your students, family, and team instead of enabling them. 
  • Instill purpose and meaning for yourself as well as every member of your team, company, or family. 
  • Celebrate diversity through an inclusive and equitable environment that allows everyone around you to shine.



  • Build an ongoing support system for long term success, first for yourself, and then for your team or family. 
  • Develop mentoring systems to increase productivity and shorten learning curves. 
  • Devise a networking mindset that speaks to your strengths and allows you to build support systems naturally.
Nancy has been instrumental to my growth and development as a person. My life has been drastically altered due to the disciplines I learned through Nancy's teaching and I know it will do the same for others. Any business or individual would benefit from her expertise.” - Kristin Parrish, Author of Grafted, An Adoption Story