Four Ways to Lead Through Action

Actions speak louder than words, or so the saying goes.  While the truth of this may depend more on the listener, the power of actions will undoubtedly be influential on those who are more aware, pay attention to details, and see the big picture.  These are the type of people you need around you, so you want to make sure to attract them to your team.

Here are four ways to lead through action:

  1. Follow through on what you say you'll do.
    Being true to your words by acting on them shows people that you can be trusted.  Trust is a keystone to influential leadership.  Don't do what you say you will and others will feel unsupported and unheard.
  2. No job is beneath you.
    When you're willing to do anything you ask your team to do when your help is needed, even cleaning the bathroom, that speaks to your character in a positive way.  Instead of thinking less of you, others will actually think more of you.  They will feel as though you are a part of the team, plus you'll be able to empathize with their struggles and needs more because you're able to see things from their perspective.
  3. Do big things.
    Taking risks and doing big things in your own career will inspire those around you.  Make sure that you are challenging yourself as well as challenging your team.
  4. Listen.
    Listening isn't passive, it's active.  Nothing makes someone feel valued more than having a say and being truly listened to.  Be curious.  Care.  Ask questions.  Of course, if you want someone to be honest and authentic, you'll need to create a culture of vulnerability by suspending your own judgment and embracing empathy.

It can be challenging to find the right things to say sometimes, but take comfort in knowing that your actions can contribute a great deal to effective leadership.

Dr. Nancy Williams is a Music Educator and Leadership Life Coach who specializes in helping creatives build cultures of joy and empowerment.

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