A Cure for Anxiety?

Are you experiencing anxiety?

You are not alone.

Anxiety is plaguing the workplace and perhaps the world right now. 
The pandemic introduced so many unknowns that it’s hard to stay present. 
Since anxiety comes from focusing on the future and its uncertainties,
it makes sense that we are all more anxious right now. 

I often use opposites with my clients to help understand a particular emotion or malady. 
For example, if you are finding yourself irritated by a colleague,
focusing on that colleague’s good qualities will be a way to break that cycle of irritation. 

Until recently, I had been using self-love as the opposite of anxiety. 
It works. 
My clients experience good results.

What happened to change my mind? 
I was just turning off the morning news
when I heard guest psychologists discussing anxiety.

They offered kindness as the anecdote to anxiety. 

As I thought about it, I realized that self-love is a kind of kindness to oneself,
so it makes sense that that would be working for my clients. 

Could kindness to others calm anxiety as well? 

I decided to focus on kindness towards others for a week and see what happened
because, like you, I'm experiencing heightened anxiety right now as well.  

I was duly impressed.  Most definitely, my anxiety had decreased. 

Additionally, my energy levels were higher, as was my mood. 
I was getting more work done and it was fun! 

Maybe it's not a cure, but it was good medicine for sure.


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