Overwhelm Mindsets and Burnout

In addition to mindsets that perpetuate burnout already covered in previous blogposts,
mindsets that create overwhelm can also play a part.

Helpers, creatives, and anyone who has trouble creating and enforcing boundaries
are all at risk for overwhelm, and potentially burnout.

  • Helpers tend to put the needs of others above themselves, leaving their projects piling up in order to assist others.
  • Creatives who are great innovators and problem-solvers may have trouble following through with projects after that "aha" moment of creativity, leaving projects to pile up over time.
  • Those with boundary difficulties can have poor work/life balance that fuels their overwhelm.

All of these have the same basic solution:  embrace the "no."

Whether it's saying "no" to your desire to move on before finishing a project,
saying "no" to the colleague who will inevitably take advantage of your time,
or saying "no" when you are tempted to relax a boundary,

every "no" you say is a "yes" to your own success.

It's not selfish to value and protect your own time and resources.

Your success will increase the success of others around you.


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